Streaming Service FAQ

Q: What streaming sites are legal in South Africa?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Premium packages are priced in Rand for easy comparison.


Q: How much speed do I need to stream movies?

In most cases the minimum is 7mbps for HD quality streams on Netflix per streaming device. It’s highly recommended to have the line speed at least 50 percent bigger than your demand. If you are buffering while watching YouTube or Netflix, you might need a higher speed connection or different ISP.


Q: Can we have multiple people watching Netflix at the same time?

Yes, most streaming services allows two or more connections.


Q: Can I watch Netflix (USA) with a VPN?

Although it is possible, it is not recommended since it is against their terms and conditions.


Q: How much data does streaming a movie require?

This will depend on the quality settings of your streaming setup. For FULL HD it will use about 1.5 GB per hour and 0.9GB for 720p (half HD). In contrast for SD (Standard video 480p) you are looking at about 0.7GB per hour. YouTube is very configurable and lets you choose your resolution anywhere from 240p to 4K. The average household watching of 3 to 5 hours a day consumes approximately 240 gigabytes of data per month.


Q: Do I need a “smart tv” for streaming movies?

No, many of the streaming services come with an Apple or Android App as well. So, you can watch just on your phone or you can “cast” the stream to your TV if you have a google Chromecast device. A good alternative for televisions that are not smart is a good quality TV Box.