What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Internet?

What is Wi-Fi and what is Internet

Wi-Fi and internet are two different parts in a home network essential for the connectivity operation. Both parts of the network are joined with a Router.

For the purpose of this article, we will call the router your Home Hub. This Hub is connected to the Internet by either ADSL, LTE, Wireless link or Fibre and is supplied by your service provider of choice. The HUB “Router” connects your smart TV’s, computers and cellphones to the internet by either Wi-Fi or cable connection.

Any device that connects to the Wi-Fi network has to use a suitable password to obtain access. It’s important that these passwords are kept secure and is not shared with neighbors or any individual that might make misuse of the internet or your internal devices.

Importance of Good signal

Good Internet mostly does not translate to a good internet experience. The biggest factor affecting sluggish performance and video buffering is poor Wi-Fi signal and underpowered router. Network transmissions are very similar to two persons having a conversation. If one person voice is inaudible due to noise from a truck passing in the road that person will have to repeat what he or she has said. The same scenario take place when your cellphone has poor reception. The date will continuous be resent from the Hub “Router” until the cellphone has confirmed receipt of the data.

Another factor that also badly affect your internet experience is CPU performance. An underpowered router cannot process the data fast enough leading to bottleneck. This leads to Wi-Fi being over utilized and data being dropped.

Another factor is also the size of the premises, large homes require additional routers or access points to boost the Wi-Fi signal

Choosing a ISP and what will I be getting

Most clients make their choice on internet packages based on price! The question is always what the Service provider will supply the customer on similar product whereby one is priced expensive and the other priced cheaply. Most service providers stipulate that the service is supplied with a basic Wi-Fi Router. This router should in all aspects be suitable for a 10mbps service with let’s say 4 users. Homes with a lot of Wi-Fi devices will require a higher performance router seeing as the router will be the central point of your home network. irrespective of whether all traffic is destined for the internet or not, internal traffic from your television to let say your plex server will eat router resources, your laptop send document to your network printer will eat resources.