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About us


Ultra Fast And Ultra Reliable

company born out of necessity, supplying the growing demand for reliable connectivity and structured communications in urban & rural areas. With a vast range of products and  services, we offer many solutions for individuals, businesses and other ISP’s. 

Our Towers feature multiple redundancies, power supplies and Layer 2 Fibre connections within Teraco, to ensure you are always connected. With pride, we operate as a completely privately owned company with no third-party networks involved.

Fully Staffed 24/7/365

Our expert technical support team maintain a full presence on various platforms to ensure availability for our clients when they need them

Full Network Visibility

Our Network Operations Centre allows us to identify, diagnose, and respond to any potential network issues promptly – often before our customers are affected.

Resilient Connectivity

NOC operations are protected by resilient pure fibre connections direct to our core network, reinforced by emergency power supplies.


In the words of Roy T. Bennett:

“Dedicate yourself to what gives your life true meaning and purpose, make a positive difference in someone’s life.”


40% of households have one family member with access to the internet.

10% of Households in SA have access to the internet.

60% of internet Traffic generated in Africa originates from South Africa.

We exist and thrive on bringing connectivity to urban and rural areas. 83% of internet users within South Africa do not have access to affordable clean internet. We aim to do our part in decreasing that percentage by building a densely operated network throughout the Gauteng and Northwest Province and making a positive difference within our industry where customers have affordable & reliable internet as well as a dedicated company, with its customers best interests at heart!


The recent ‘Lockdown’ of the economy has been nothing short of devastating for nearly every industry throughout SA & especially private business owners. Telecommunications proved to be the leading Industry showing exponential growth since March of 2020.

We envision rapid expansion in the coming year with our Northwest, Dinokeng and Platberg Projects.

Lockdown has placed huge demands on the internet and related services, mainly because it has had to find alternative methods to conduct business.

We aim to increase growth in 2021 and exceed our growth with 300%


Great products & services are everywhere. Our company instils values within our main assets which we believe are people. Customers, employees, suppliers – all people we conduct business with daily. Truth, integrity, hard work and pride drives us and having the same values ingrained within our staff and partners forces us to be passionate but, above all else, dedicated. We enrich like-minded individuals by building strong partnerships and sharing our resources and connections with one aim- expansion. With core values such as these, we believe that expansion through customer referrals paves the way to a brighter future, a better future!



Franna Pretorius
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I have had Tower 3 as my Home WiFi supplier now for 6 or more months and I can say that they are with out a doubt the #1 brand on the Wes Rand. I am 13.2Km from the supply Tower and there is NEVER a problem with signal. THANK YOU TOWER 3 YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
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“I have been with many other wireless companies and have to say, Tower 3 really goes the extra mile for their clients! I recommend them over and over again. Special thanks to Johan and his team for always doing that extra bit. Happy client!”
M. De Bruin
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“Your Premium line is outstanding. My VoIP is always connected, costs are affordable and connection is always reliable. Thank you Johan for getting us set-up in less than a week.”
Dylan Mathembu
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“As a serious gamer, I am so happy I switched from Fibre to your Wireless network. I was sceptical at first but 3 months later all I can say is WOW! Your ping times are shockingly low compared to my previous fibre line. THANK YOU TOWER 3!”