3.2v 32700 6000mAh lifepo4 Battery


Introducing our high-performance LifePO4 batteries, designed with a remarkable C rating, exceptional temperature resistance, and low internal resistance. These batteries are built to last, with an impressive 6000 cycles at 60% depth of discharge, ensuring long-term reliability and durability. Perfect for a wide range of applications, our batteries can be easily assembled thanks to their screw-on design. Invest in reliable power that won’t let you down – choose our LifePO4 batteries today.

Product Name  Lifepo4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) Super Cell
Rated Capacity 6000mAh
Charge Cut-off Voltage 3.65v
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2v
Nominal Voltage 3.2v
Charge Cut-off Current 300mA
Shape Cylindrical
Rated Energy 19.2Wh
Size Φ32.5*70.8mm
Weight 141.862g
Temperature -20
Max Charge current 18A(3C)
Max Discharge Current 30A(5C)



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