The Sun Pays 4.8 kWh Lithium Ion Battery Pack – Touch screen


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  • Price per watt-hour (incl. VAT): R 5.83
  • Touch screen display
  • New / 1st life – LiFePO4 cells
  • Low environmental impact
  • Superior thermal stability
  • High peak power rating
  • Long cycle life
  • Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
  • BMS communication compatible with:
    • Sacolar Inverters
    • Growatt Inverters
    • The Sun Pays 5.5kW Inverters
    • The Sun Pays 4kW / 5kW Inverters (Via TSP Solar Bot)
    • Sunsynk Inverters
    • Deye Inverters
    • Victron Inverters
    • SMA Inverters
    • Solis Inverters
    • Goodwe Inverters
    • Luxpower Inverters
  • RS485 BMS communication
  • CAN bus
  • Parallelable up to 15 battery packs to a total of 72kWh
  • Communication between the battery and the charge controller ensures a long battery life.


Combination method 15S
Rated capacity Typical: 105 Ah
Minimum: 100 Ah
Mean operation voltage 48.0-49.5 V
Voltage at end of discharge 47 V
Charging voltage 51.6 V
Internal impedance (measured at AC
1kHz after 50% charge)
<30 mΩ
Standard continuous charge current 20A – 40A
Maximum continuous charge current 100A (controlled by BMS if comm. used)
Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
Operation temperature (at 60±25% R.H) Charge: 0~45 °C
Discharge: -20~55 °C
Storage temperature (at 60±25% R.H) less than 12 months: -10~35°C
less than 3 months: -10~45°C
less than 7 days: -20~65°C
Dimensions 442 x 480 x 221.5 mm
Weight 42kg (prismatic cells)
Volumetric specific energy 104Wh/L
Gravimetric specific energy 87 Wh/kg


Cycle life:

Battery tested for the following:

Depth of discharge Cycles @ 25°C and 1C (100A)
80% 3500
85% 2500
90% 1250
95% 500


Depth of discharge Cycles @ 25°C and 0.2C (20A)
30% 11500
50% 9000
80% 6000
100% 3000


Here is a guide from Battery University on how to prolong Li-battery life.

To determine how long the batteries will last for a specific load, please click here.


The correct settings on the inverter will aid in ensuring optimal battery life. Here is a guide on inverter settings for the LiFePO4 battery:


Battery settings


Intelligent BMS features:

  • Overcharge detection
  • Over-discharge detection
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Short detection
  • Temperature detection
  • Auto cell balancing
  • Communication


The BMS has three RS485 ports one RS232 port.

Two RS485 ports are used for the parallel connection of multiple batteries.

The RS485 and CAN ports are used for inverter-battery communication.

The RS232 port allows for real-time monitoring of the following:

  • Total battery bank capacity
  • Individual cell capacity
  • Battery bank current
  • Environment temperature
  • Cell temperature
  • Charging/discharging current
  • Cycle count estimate

The values can be logged on a connected computer or the BMS and can be downloaded on request.


The battery pack comes with a factory-backed 5-year warranty. 70% of rated capacity within 5 years, or 3000 cycles @ 70% DOD whichever comes first.  Please take note of the full warranty terms and conditions.


Free nationwide delivery on lithium batteries and inverters. Please take note of warranty claims that transport to The Sun Pays office will be the customer’s cost.

What’s in the box:

  • 4.8kWh battery
  • Two brackets
  • Bolts and nuts to mount the battery in a battery cabinet
  • Communication cable for RS232 (RJ11 to USB)
  • No network cable is supplied for parallel connectivity


It is not recommended to parallel an older battery with a new battery. The internal resistances of the batteries and the firmware may differ.


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